1. Last weekend we dug out our snowboards and hit the road to Spokane for the first trip of the season. Our crew consisted of myself, Dylan Vachon, Dan Zimmerman, Joe Hills and Dale Bailey. For the majority of us it was our first time being in a moving RV and we didnt waste anytime exploring the luxuries it contained. This was going to be the best road trip ever. 

    About an hour South of Calgary and moments before crucial plot points in Kung-Fu Panda were about to be revealed, a huge elk decides to jay walk right in front of us causing it to fly about 100 feet down the road and totalling our ride. It sucked being in the middle of nowhere in pitch black darkness with no service and not even knowing who was going to be chosen to receive the ancient Dragon scroll and fulfil it’s prophecy. 

    Eventually we got towed back to Calgary, took a nap and headed out once again to America, this time in separate cars. Despite it being 30+ degrees and snowboarding in a mall parking lot, it was a good time. No one placed, but we all learned a pretty good lesson. Elks are jerks. 

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