1. Celine by the sea. 

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  3. Meet Courtney’s new pup Olive. She’s a major dork but sorta cute sometimes. 

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  5. Great North Collective Meet pt. 1 

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  6. Fiya Wata. 

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  7. Jortin. 

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  8. Real friends top each other off. 

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  9. itisnovember asked: I'm just in love with your work. It's so inspiring! I wish you all the best on your journey. Greets from Germany

    Thanks a lot! Maybe my journey will take me to Germany one day! 


  10. Finally got around to putting a website together featuring some of my work from the last year or two. Give it a visit if you wish!


  11. through-slanted-eyes asked: Dude, ive been following you for a while and your pics are one of the reasons i packed up and went travelling. I hope we get to meet up someday and go travel and take pics whatnot. Good day to you

    That’s the best thing to hear! Thanks. You have some awesome work going on as well. 

  12. A day spent on the jetty watching the steady stream of airplanes descend from within the fog. 

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  13. wildandwonder asked: In LOVE with your feed. Thanks for the great pictures of the outdoors. Motivates me to bring my camera everywhere, which begs the question, does it ever get in your way? Like when you're hiking or doing anything that could potentially damage your gear, what are the precautions you take? Again, awesome pictures.

    Thanks! And yes, my camera always gets in the way and often smashes into rocks especially when climbing into weird zones. In a perfect world you would always carry around a bag, but more than often bags can be annoying. My camera is only worth $50 and it’s pretty solid so I’m not too worried. 


  15. Anonymous asked: As a photo enthusiast I can not in the world figure out why you would shoot on film? Can you explain some of the pros and cons to shooting on film vs. digitally? I am a big fan!

    Film vs. Digital… The classic debate. There are a few reasons I like to shoot on film, mainly it’s for the colours, texture, and all around aesthetics of it. I also like the challenge and never knowing exactly how anything is going to turn out. With digital it’s easy to get trigger happy and for me that takes away a certain something from the photograph. When I’m shooting film I’ll usually only shoot one or two frames max for a photo and then move on. It’s also nice to be able to throw one small camera and lens into your bag rather than lugging around an entire backpack full of gear and accessories. Keep it simple! 

    Don’t get me wrong, digital is nice too and I’ll still work with it on occasion. A photo is a photo in the end and it doesn’t really matter what it’s shot on.